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       Love follows with responsibility! To be outstanding enterprise isIntretech strategic option and key value. For
years,Intretech takessocial livelihood as its own duty and actively participates in and supports kinds of public welfare.
It began from 1 RMB love fund to“Xiamen ChunshuiLove Foundation”, Intretech helps those people in need come from enterprises, schools and society by reward, subvention and assistance. Intretech takes love as a lever, prizes and cultivates a love team with vision, mission and responsibility and professional attitude. From a point to a line, from one to all, every sibling is makingtheir contributions to build a beautiful and harmonious society.
        The foundation is named as “Chunshui” with hope that love can irrigate the seedlings and moisten the earth
likes spring water.

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Intretech Annual Sustainability Report 2021.pdf