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New Era, New Journey丨Intretech 2017 Year-End Awards Ceremony

        On Jan. 19th, 2018, Intretech successfully held its 2017 year-end awards ceremony party, with the theme of “New Era, New journey”. All siblings from Intretech, customer representative, supplier representative and other partners gathered together for celebration and enjoy the party time.




        Intretech CEO Lin Songhua delivered a speech at the party “Greet Intretech new Era with love in our heart.” He said: “As the company goes public, Intretech is ringing in a new era, opening a new journey. In this new era, we need to be vigilant in peace time, never forget why we started, keep in mind the mission, and roll up our sleeves to work harder. We need to strictly comply with the listed requirements, create returns for the investors with good performance, and strive to achieve Intretech dream.”




        This year, the party not only set 7 traditional awards like “model worker”, “advanced employees”, “outstanding staff ” etc., but also set some new awards like “Infinity Award” and “Confucius Prize”. All these excellent siblings have all made great contribution to the company and set up good example for all siblings.








       Where flowers of love bloom, life will thrive. The culture of Love fund is deeply rooted in every sibling’s hearts. Everybody joined in the Love fund activities, which go thought out the party mannerly. “Never forget why we started, and always have an indebted heart”, a company that has its culture like this is bound to succeed.






        A number of brilliant performances are prepared by our versatile siblings in this party. The show is not only magnificent but also moving and touching. Tonight, we gathered to review the past and look forward to a beautiful future. In this New Year, 2018, we will head to a new journey, move forward and create new glories for Intretech.

        Wish every sibling have the best New Year ever. Happy New Year!