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Rotary Disc Type Automatic Assembly Platform (PSU Automatic Assembly/PMI Lid Automatic Assembly)

Operating Principle

Control rotary disc type operating platform through smartsystem and precisely locate product to be assembled. Assemble product on thedesignated position automatically after machining components, do riveting,welding or gluing and finish multiple assembly processes as specification.

Function Characteristics

Control assembly process through system strictly toensure product quality stability

Rotary automatic assembly platform supportsmulti-station simultaneous operation, which is fast and efficient to save


Change molds or modify control program to assemble andprocess different products, with high universality

Man-machine coordination improves productionefficiency, reduce product loss, ensure production safety and lower



Be applicable to controlled silicon, automaticassembly cooling fin and soldering of SCR, automatic hot melting of housing andgluing assembly, etc.

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