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Industrial Robot

Roatry Disc Type Multi-station Automatic Protective Film Sticking Platform

Operating Principle

Locate special-shaped productprecisely and program standard values required by shape and dimension. Controlthe cutter edge through system

intelligently to cut raw material into irregularshapes and stick film on the precise position.

Function Characteristics

Rotary disc type operating platform supportsmulti-station simultaneous operation, which saves operation time greatly

Control film sticking process strictly through systemto ensure no bubbles and no error

 Realize simple and rapid programming based on IOTtechnology to finish automatic cutting of protective film and

  precisepositioning for different irregular shaped products

Man-machine coordination realizes fast and preciseeffect which manual operation cannotachieved, which improve

  productionefficiency and ensure accuracy and reduce material loss

Be applicable to automatic cutting of irregular shapedprotective films for different products.

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