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Industrial Robot

Semi-automatic Electric Performance Test Platform
Operating Principle:
        Rotary multi-station operating platform can locate PCBtested precisely. Use flexible metal thimble to contact detection point and intelligentlydetect ... [Detail]
Air Leakage Test Platform
Operating Principle:
        Perform vacuum pumping for untested products orcomponents, inject small gas molecules into products and judge product airleakage performance precisely... [Detail]
Automatic Visual Inspection Platform
Operating Principle:
        Based on collaborative operation between industrialcamera and intelligent software, perform high-speed analysis ofvisual data forproducts tested. Scre... [Detail]
Other Non-standard Automation Equipment
UV Automatic Gluing and Curing Test Machine:
        Adopt multi-station divider and finish track gluing,UV curing, Glue quantity detection, electric function test, unacceptableproduct kicking out, autom... [Detail]